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Unemployment isn't so bad I suppose. I get some time to myself, and its not too stressful because I have a job already lined up. My new phone has an LJ client, so I will be updating more often!

Weight loss update: 17 pounds lost, and its actually showing now! I will get back to my normal energetic self if it kills me! Although I dont forsee it doing so.

I miss hanging out with people, and actually have some free time! Anyone bored and wanna hang?

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I might be up for it. I'm trying to be more social...for a certain value of "trying". *lol*

You should come over! I'm in tower! Well, on fruit and olive. It's awesome. We can veg out and watch miyazaki movies. Unless you have better movies or summat. That's just the only thing i haven't watched in a while lol. Call me or text me! 408.8915

...I know, I'm lazy and I suck. I've just been brooding over family issues, and wanted to be alone. Plus, phones always make me nervous for some reason, even if I'm calling someone I know. It's almost a phobia. I know, it's retarded. I'll try to call soon, anyway.

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