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lazy day again
Today was fun. I found out that forumwarz is insanely fun. Anyone else on there? I'm jerrface. It's fun.

watched bad movies and burned dawsons creek for teh brittany.

I'm sleepy. But shouldn't be.

And...since I have nothing better to say on here, I'm gonna go.

Oh!!! I've got a gold membership on 360. My name is eganfan. if you have the ability, friend me!

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dawson's creek makes the outside world seem somehow less bleak..

-50 right now

I'm beginning to like it here though. did I tell you that there's a pattern? I hate a place, then I take the time to figure out the good things about it.

reading about the jim crow era does help with the perspective bit though.

I thought you'd enjoy the comment more than the phone call. email me!


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