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Homework Avoidance :)
I really don't want to do my homework, so I checked livejournal, and decided that it would be best to steal the meme from ladymiranoy that looked entertaining and fairly time consuming, without being too time consuming, even though I couldn't get any of the ones left over that hadn't been figured out yet. Here goes!

Daaaaang quietussilivren is ON IT. Editing ones already figured out :)

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works/etc. and put their summaries from Better Than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. A widowed surgeon imprisons his daughter. The dead wife's ex-boyfriend tries to break the daughter out. Daughter befriends a drug dealer. Everybody sings.

2. Ordinary man from an ordinary planet (which has recently been torn down) goes galaxy- and dimension-hopping with a hot scientist, a perpetually unhappy robot, an alcoholic daredevil, and a narcissist with two heads and three arms. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

3. Stiff and dull student is abducted by tecnicolor-haired aspiring fashion designers. Flamboyant jerkass dandy makes her his muse. The author loves Vivienne Westwood. Paradise Kiss

4. Vampire Nazis decide to reenact World War II, and the Catholic Church decides to give the Crusades another go. Dracula objects sternly. Most of the cast are expies of hentai characters. Hellsing

5. A runaway, some dolls, treasure hunters, and a doctor fight over a man's estate.

6. You take over the old family farm, hang with the locals, and get married. That's about it. IN THE PAST. Rune Factory (quietussilivren guessed Harvest Moon, but they're pretty much the same thing and I'm not gonna nitpick)

7. Ayn Rand fights The Mafia, twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Then you show up and resolve the situation. With a magical hand that shoots bees. Bioshock

8. The main character is charming, personable, and homicidal. He's a cop by day and a killer by night... Dexter

9. A duck, a girl who can't dance, and a magical girl ballerina princess are the same person. She/they heal people with the power of dance. Princess Tutu

10. A squadron of insane soldiers try to not die in the war. Paradoxical bureaucracy gets in the way of that. Catch-22

11. Your daughter gets lost in a foggy resort town, and an antiques dealer tries to convince you that she's actually her daughter. The cop and the doctor don't clarify things. Silent Hill

12. LOL Aspergers.

13. A girl enrolls in a mysterious academy where fencing is practically a way of life and everyone has issues. Revolutionary Girl Utena

14. Emotionally abused six-year old starts attends a school where the principal emotionally abuses everyone. Hilarity Ensues. Matilda

15. Shy bookworm must kill Beethoven and other historical figures with paper. Read or Die

16. Player Killing in an MMORPG is Serious Business. .Hack// (quietussilivren  guessed .Hack//GU, but again, not nitpicking that much. Although GU failed at being as good as the original)

17. A stripper wearing nothing but glasses and her own hair bumbles around a phantom dimension killing angels with guns on her feet and finding herself in impromptu photoshoots. Bayonetta

18. In A gun-toting pacifist and his genocidal brother emerge from a lightbulb. Humanity responds to being simultaneously saved and fucked by trying to kill the pacifist. Trigun

19. Part-fish guy fights redneck over little girl with map tattooed on her back. Waterworld

20. A girl rescues her parents from a greedy old woman with an oversized head by working in a bath house. Spirited Away

*all answers thus far by [info]quietussilivren * Thannnk you :)

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Ooh, more of them! :D

2. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
3. Paradise Kiss?
4. Hellsing
6. Harvest Moon
7. Bioshock?
8. Dexter
9. Princess Tutu?
10. Catch-22
11. Silent Hill
12. I feel like I should know this one, but I don't...
13. Revolutionary Girl Utena
14. ...What, Matilda?
15. Read or Die
16. .hack//G.U.
17. Bayonetta
18. Uh...Trigun?
19. Waterworld
20. 千と千尋の神隠し - or Spirited Away, if you prefer, same thing.

geek (i did know paradise kiss, catch-22, dexter, and spirited away... so i lose but win because it seems "normal" to know only 4)
weather is fantastic here i wish we were wealthy enough to fly places. you would enjoy wisconsin in summer, and i would chillax in cali all winter. sigh

Oops! I missed the "in the past" part. Yeah, Rune Factory. :P

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