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Day 3
Well, diet's going well. I've lost 5 pounds, thus far. But I miss my french fries. S'alright, totally worth it. At least I still have my diet coke, which I have waaay cut back on, I think I have had 1 this week and I didn't even finish it. I'm super excited, although I can't really see results yet. That's next on the list I suppose. 

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Yay! *cheers* You can do it! :) I've been trying to get in shape again, myself.

French fries are overrated. I used to like them until I stopped eating them. Now I can't stand them. There are much better ways to serve a potato. I still drink too much Coke in the Summer, though...regular Coke, too. To be fair, it's not really bad for you, any more than anything is bad for you if you eat/drink too much of it.

Anyhow, good luck!

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