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 So, for anyone who cares, I'm going on a hardcore diet tonight, with gym workingouts because I'm sick of being overweight. Basically this is it. I'm going to keep my updates on here, but for my own dignity I'm not posting my starting weight, just that I plan on getting down to 150, and I'll post how much I've lost every Monday. I am hoping that this'll force me to have some accountability, which will hopefully cause me to be good.. 

SO, I guess the moral of the story here is, wish me luck guys!


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i will do more than that. i shall provide you with a couple of pointers:

1. oatmeal for breakfast... some salt or sugar is okay, but no other additives with the exception of raisins. Can't be milk based- strictly water.
2. Try drinking fiber mid-day. It tastes like cardboard, and if you ask me- that's not even half bad.
3. Papaya seeds. Eat them after you have a full meal. They can be bought at GMC or Whole Foods. They save like no other.
4. The yogurts that claim to help lose wait aka Yoplait and some I can't think of... (with the exception of Activia) are terrible, and should not be eaten, like ever.

Good Luck! I'm going to diet with you! (I have a beauty show thing in a month, and want to feel good for it.) Now go work out, but don't over do it. Some crunches and cardio, but anything more than that will make you hungrier than neccessary. <3 I beliiieeevvve in youuuu!

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